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Posted on: May 4, 2009 6:12 pm


I'm so happy for LeBron James.  He really is deserving of the NBA MVP.  I'm a big Kobe Bryant fan, but this year James really elevated his game.  If his paranoid head coach didn't sit him in the last game, he would've played all 82 games and his team would have tied an NBA record by winning 40 of 41 games on their home floor.  They had the most wins in the NBA and he truly had an outstanding year.

What's even more impressive about him is the way that he impacts his teammates.  His enthusiasm is contagious, his energy is infectious.  James understands that he can catch more bees with honey than he can with vinegar.  The nicer of a person hie is, the more fun he has, and the more they win, the more his teammates like him and the easier it becomes to lead.  Magic Johnson was like this in a lot of respects.  Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant lead more with a domineering, fear-based, leadership (although I think Kobe has tried to change that perception some).  Jordan and Bryant seem like the kind of guys to go somewhere on their own with a few personal friends and James seems like the kind of guy to get the teammates together and take them to dinner and bowling.  He's just more of a guy's guy, you know what I mean.

Being from Chicago, I am a big Phil Jackson fan and I really want him to get his 10th title to pass Red Auerbach.  I know how bad Phil wants it and I want him to have it too.  There's just something about me that is pulling for LeBreezie this year.  This just feels like his year, it's hard to put a finger on it.  Sometimes you just want to see the good guys win; not a sniff of controversy off the court and nothing but smiles and positive results on it. 

I'm pulling for you LeBreezie.  Get it done, this is your best chance -- so far.  There will be more to come.
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