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Posted on: May 1, 2009 8:38 pm

BULLish tendencies

I'm so proud of the Bulls.  I mean, this has been one of the most courageous efforts that I've seen from any team in my 25 or so years of watching NBA basketball.  Now, admittedly, the NBA is not as much fun as it was 10, 15, or 20 years ago, but I am a fan of good sports and when it's really good, it transcends sports.  It's almost like theater.  I was trying to explain to my wife one day that one of the greatest things about sports is that it's unscripted.  That's why you always have something happening that has never happened before or maybe hasn't happened in 50 years, because this is not a movie.  She always gets on me about not watching enough movies, but I just HATE sitting through a bad movie and a stupid ending. 

I remember a few years ago when the Bulls took Joakim Noah.  I always thought that he was somewhat UNDERrated after his senior year at Florida.  Remember that he was the most outstanding player of the Final Four after his junior year, but they were all so greedy and wanted to win another title, that they came back to do it again and Al Horford and company got the accolades.  Why?  Noah is the consummate team player and will do whatever it takes to make his team win.  This an obvious comparison, but he's a lot like Dennis Rodman.  He rebounds, defends, passes, provides timely offense, and gives his team energy necessary to get through tight spots. 

Ben Gordon, Tyrus Thomas, Kirk Hinrich, the incomparable Derrick Rose, Joakim Noah, Brad Miller, John Salmons, you're looking at a team that is drawing immense confidence from this series.  They don't know that Kevin Garnett is out.  All they see is "Celtics" on the other uniform and they know that they're playing the World Champions.  After all, this is a team that won 80% of their games without Garnett and is still in the upper echelon of the league.

The Bulls are gaining momentum and win or lose tomorrow night, they now believe that they belong.  I see a 50 win season next year.  Chicago, it looks like our team may be back. 
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