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Posted on: April 15, 2009 9:15 pm

NBA playoffs

I consider myself a true sports fan, but since the demise of my Bulls, it just hasn't been the same.  Baseball and football are true team sports which operate best when there is parity throughout the league and you tune in to see surprise teams like the Tampa Bay Rays or the Arizona Cardinals.  Basketball is the ultimate team sport, which is highlighed by an individual.  Basketball functions best when the stars take over and dominate the league; a la Magic Johnson, Larry Bird, Michael Jordan, etc.  Wasn't the NBA more exciting during 2000-2002 when the L.A. Lakers had star power?  EVERYBODY tuned in to watch the Lake Show.  Even if you weren't a Lakers fan, you always wanted to know what they're doing.

My NBA pulse usually gets going around this time of year, so I'll definitely be tuning in to the playoffs this weekend.  I've been talking a friend of mine into going to the Bulls game to scalp some tickets when we have a home game.  That would be a lot of fun.  I may even take my wife down to catch a game. 

I'm really excited to see LeBron James in this year's playoffs.  His team has the best record, and home court advantage, and they are about to tie an NBA record for having the best home record (40-1) in a season.  James is the NBA MVP and this is his year to win it all.  The NBA Finals will be headlined by LeBron James and Kobe Bryant, the NBA's two biggest starts on its biggest stage.  Personally, I think the Lakers are too strong for Cleveland.  With Pau Gasol, a fresh Andrew Bynum, Bryant, Odom, Derek Fisher, and a host of other role players, they may just be too much.  It wouldn't shock me if the Celtics knocked off Cleveland in the East.  The only problem there is the health of Kevin Garnett.  If he's not 100%, the Celtics have no chance.  They may not even get by the Magic, assuming everybody wins in the first round (sorry Bulls). 

Well, let's get it on!  This will give me something to do in between watching my fantasy baseball team crash and burn.  That's an entirely separate blog though...  Fantasy baseball is the most challenging fantasy sport BY FAR.  More to come...

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